Transgender Rights Are Threatening Women-Only Colleges’ Mission | The New Republic

Every single work of art—every single institution, every group—can’t be about every person. Inclusivity should mean that every person is allowed to have a dialogue with it, to interrogate it, comment on it, and have the space to create their own art or institution or group to stand beside it. (If you think The Vagina Monologues is terrible, write as many op-eds saying so that you want, but don’t stop its production.) It’s also true that every college can’t serve the needs of every single potential student. Women’s colleges are still allowed to exclude certain applicants based on gender because there’s still a need for their exclusionary existence. Transexclusion and transphobia are serious problems, but they are different from the problems most women in America—who are born women, raised in environments where people recognize only two genders, and are punished for the simple fact of their biology—continue to face. After all, those of us born with a vagina and uterus are the only ones who can be forced to carry a pregnancy to term by the anti-abortion laws sweeping the nation.

via Transgender Rights Are Threatening Women-Only Colleges' Mission | The New Republic.