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SochiFail Twitter Feed

@JenneySandy : #Olympics In case you havent heard, #Sochi is kind of a disaster. Take a look. . . http://t.co/aPHVbzRp7G 1 minute ago

WOW! They Call This Water – Sochi Olympics Fail

Tweets are coming in from Sochi and from the sounds of it, Sochi is kind of a disaster. See for yourself. …


@weatherchannel : Journalists are having a rough time at the hotel in Sochi, Russia: http://t.co/6krO0S1p4J http://t.co/n4OBLxqZTf 3 minutes ago

Sochi Winter Olympics 2014: It’s a Disaster at the Media Hotel – weather.com

Journalists arriving in Sochi, Russia for the Winter Olympics have been shocked by THIS. …




Love it: A Sochi Problems Twitter feed. https://t.co/f8YJ9gILqA