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Overpriced Astringent Super Food to the Rescue!

Have I ever said how much cafemom sucks? It’s such a crock. And I have a deep, abiding appreciation of crap, crock, balderdash, whimsy and poppycock. But cafemom is a step beyond. Pandering, lowbrow, inane gibberish.

There I was, enjoying my schadenfreude time on the latest Bieber meltdown when a side link beckoned me to a Duck Dynasty fail article on cafemom.

The Numbers Are In: ‘Duck Dynasty’ Is Doomed

That page had an ad for some new superfood.

Weight Loss Super Food For Losing 27 Pounds

So, what is this miracle of regereration? Garbage, that’s what. Cucumis metuliferus

Best line:
Despite the fruit’s colorful appearance, it has not found any significant uses in Western cuisine, and has been called “astringent”, and the prices “exorbitant”.

I want an adult version of netnanny. I want to be able to block sites that hurt my eyeballs. Like cafemom.

Cafemom. the place to go for lying crap ads that pander to the worst impulses in advertising