Feted in China, Jerk Xi’s U.S. profile dims in shadow of pope and Boehner

Source: Feted in China, Xi’s U.S. profile dims in shadow of pope

Francis flew out of Washington, heading to a rapturous reception in New York and a star turn at the United Nations General Assembly, just as Xi was arriving.

Under Xi, U.S.-Chinese relations are at a low, hurt by tensions over cyber theft and China’s assertive moves in Asian maritime disputes.

“To be contrasted with someone who has no military, no economic might and be completely eclipsed, I think it’s astounding. I don’t think the Chinese are noticing the contrast in messages”.

Xi slid further down the U.S. news agenda on Friday morning, when Republican House of Representative Speaker John Boehner announced his resignation. The big networks quickly cut off Xi speaking at a news conference with Obama to follow a briefing by Boehner.

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