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Sasha Grey Restraining Order — My Ex Got Me Into Porn & Wants To Hurt Me! |

Sasha Grey says she was lured into porn by a violent and abusive ex-BF– who convinced her he was a military spy who needed her for "cover" … and now she fears he’s come back to hurt her.

Grey claims in new court docs Ian Cinnamon subjected Grey to years of abuse and sexual assaults — starting in 2005 when she was 16 and he was 29.

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EXCLUSIVE: Sasha Grey Done With Porn, Refuses to Play Any Sex-Related Roles | Fox News

wants to clear up one common misconception – not all adult actresses come from damaged childhoods, were victims of abuse, or struggle with drug addiction.

“(People think) that we’re dumb girls that were victims of abuse, strung out on drugs, that we don’t know what we are doing, and aren’t business-minded. I was very aware of when I got started and kept in mind it was a possibility I would meet people like this,” she continued. “But the reality is that there are a huge amount of women who are very happy with their careers and where they have gone in their lives.

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Sick of BaggyPants Snowboard Style at Sochi!

Great article! It’s hard enough getting young men in my office to pull up their fucking pants without them seeing Olympic athletes baring all. Why does every male under the age of 30 think we want to know his brand of underwear?

Good riddance to the skate-punk Sochi Olympics
Whatever happened to athletic artistry and elegance?
By Damon Linker

Pull up your pants, brah, this is the Olympics.

With the 2014 Winter Olympics coming to an end on Sunday evening, I can’t help but wonder if I’m the only one who found something deeply dissatisfying about them.

I don’t mean to denigrate the efforts and achievements of any of the athletes. Everyone works incredibly hard to make it into the Games, and those who come out on top possess physical prowess so far in excess of my abilities that they might as well be considered members of a different species.

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Tribute to Evgeni Plushenko

Enough of the pics of his last skate, bent over and in pain. I hope that as soon as he was off camera they shot him up with every single banned drug they could get their hands on. Right now he should be floating on a morphine cloud if there’s any justice in this world.

Here’s the Evgeni Plushenko I remember. What an amazing skater. Always a thrill to watch


Enjoy your retirement Evgeny! We’ll miss you

Where to Watch Sochi Olympics on the TV Machine

Yes, I know. We have smartphones, tablets, etc. Who needs a schedule of broadcast TV to watch the Sochi Olympics?

I do. And since this is my blog you can shut up.

Happily, NBC (#NBCFail) continues their complete inadequacy and forces me to find the TV schedule ANYWHERE BESIDES AN NBC WEBSITE.

I’m in the US. In the northeast. In New York even.

Apparently, expecting the broadcast TV station NBC based in NEW YORK to provide a broadcast TV schedule to people WATCHING BROADCAST TV IN NEW YORK is too much to ask. Useless.

Here’s a nice overview of the schedule (that did NOT come from NBC)


One of our local newspapers posted a great, comprehensive, schedule of the Olympics coverage on TV. That would be on a variety of NBC channels, NONE of which provide this info. At all. Bastards.

I’ve posted it here

Woo hoo! Sochi Olympics TV Schedule!