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The Official GOP Debate Drinking Game Rules, Pt. 2

“The event is taking place in California at the Ronald Reagan library,” Taibbi writes, so there is no rule stating that you drink each time Reagan is invoked, as “we’d have Guyana-level mass deaths.” However, there are 28 other rules. We’ve pulled out a few of our favorites:

  • “Drink THE FIRST TIME and the FIRST TIME only … a candidate mentions Hillary’s emails.”
  • “Drink EVERY TIME Trump—or any of the other candidates—insults or threatens one of the moderators. Beer chaser if it’s [Jake] Tapper or [Dana] Bash, and the candidate rips liberal-ass CNN in the process.”
  • “Drink EVERY TIME a candidate pledges to stand with Israel.”
  • “Drink EVERY TIME Carly Fiorina makes a joke about her own face.”
  • “Drink EVERY TIME a candidate mentions the founders. Double shot if it’s Rand Paul.”
  • “Drink EVERY TIME a candidate says, ‘I’m the only person on this stage who…’ Double shot if it’s Carson saying something like, ‘I’m the only candidate who’s had his hands inside a human thorax.'”
  • “Take a shot of JAGERMEISTER if anyone compares Kim Davis to Rosa Parks.”

Get your liver ready: the second GOP debate is upon us

Source: The Official GOP Debate Drinking Game Rules, Pt. 2

Joe Manganiello’s Daily Grind

Here it is! Courtesy of Parade magazine from a few years ago. I don’t usually read parade but my room mate does, and she asked if I knew “who this guy was”. As a rabid Sookie books / True Blood fan I was floored. I looked online but never found a digital version so I scanned it in.

Kept it secret. Kept it safe.

In honor of Joe finally getting decent billing in a major motion picture, I give you Joe’s Day! Enjoy 😀


Mike Huckabee’s Facebook fans tear him to shreds for defending Josh Duggar

Yesterday, GOP presidential contender Mike Huckabee posted a lengthy Facebook status affirming his “support for the Duggar family,” saying that Josh Duggar – who confessed to molestation – is being attacked by “blood-thirsty media” and deserves “our support.”This set off a surprising reaction among Huckabee’s Facebook fans, with a chorus of his once-supportive Republican loyalists declaring that he had lost their vote over his words on the matter. Here are a few examples:

Source: Mike Huckabee’s Facebook fans tear him to shreds for defending Josh Duggar

The Numbers Behind Ringling’s Disappearing-Elephant Act

$270,000 In Federal Fines

The USDA hit Ringling with a $270,000 fine in 2011 for violating the Animal Welfare Act. The penalty stemmed from evidence that the circus repeatedly abused its elephants between June 2007 and August 2011. It remains the largest AWA fine in USDA history.

8,434 Fewer Fans In Asheville

Ringling circus drew 16,080 spectators when it rolled through Asheville, North Carolina, in 2011. By last year, that number had dwindled to 7,646, a 53 percent decrease.

43 Circus-Averse Ordinances

There are now at least 43 U.S. cities and counties—including Oakland, Los Angeles and San Jose, California—that have banned or restricted traveling animal shows and circuses.

via The Numbers Behind Ringling's Disappearing-Elephant Act.