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Radio hosts jolted by LePage’s story of domestic violence – The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram

— And people still say there is no rape in marriage. I ask anyone who believes that: did she willingly have 18 children with a raging maniac? Did she consent to sex with her husband?

Since he beat her straight through 18 pregnancies, what would the conception incidents be like?

While Saindon couldn’t say whether the stillbirth was caused by a beating, it’s clear that Teresa LePage was the target of regular abuse from her husband. The governor of Maine left home at 11, brutalized by his father. He was the oldest of 18 children.

“He beat (my mother) through all her pregnancies, when she was pregnant with all of us,” Saindon said. “That’s how mean he was. He was nasty.”

While discussing the case of suspended NFL running back Ray Rice, LePage says his father caused the death of an unborn sibling by kicking his mother when she was pregnant.

Source: Radio hosts jolted by LePage’s story of domestic violence – The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram

Huckabee / Duggar Preacher in Sex Abuse Scandal

Arkansas prison chaplain Kenneth L. Dewitt was charged last week with 50 counts of third-degree sexual assault for allegedly pressuring three inmates at a women’s state prison into providing him sexual favors.

Dewitt based his prison classes on the teachings of Bill Gothard, an influential evangelical minister who is also accused of sexually harassing as many as 30 women under his influence. Gothard has deep ties to former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, who opened prisons to his teachings, and the Duggar family, who sent their son Josh to be counseled under a Gothard program after he molested two of his sisters.


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No, the BRICs Aren’t Overtaking America – The Daily Beast

To the comfortably cynical American, surely the so far capable and competent Communist Party leadership will deal with their problems? The current slowish growth is only a pause on the Chinese upward curve to global leadership. America, by contrast, is finished. Congress is crazy and dysfunctional and Trump is leading the Republican presidential pack.It is far too easy to underrate America’s future. After dealing with the Kaiser, the Great Depression, the Nazis, Imperial Japan, the Soviet Union and OPEC in the 20th century, as well as launching Marshall Aid, the Civil Rights movement and the Great Society and the Reagan Recovery, these current problems are not exactly overwhelming for the republic. Unless the current American generation is so signally different from its forefathers, America can deal with these problems.One major difficulty for the America and the whole of the West, is that with the modern media you see pretty much everything in the West, warts and all. This actually is a feature of the vigor of the West, but within Western countries and outside the West, the exposing of corruption, venality and dysfunctionality in bright media lights gives the appearance of weakness and that appearance of weakness underpins a narrative of Western decline.

Source: No, the BRICs Aren’t Overtaking America – The Daily Beast

Ben Carson’s Church Believes the U.S. Government Will Team Up With the Antichrist

According to mainstream Seventh-Day Adventist doctrine, the Second Coming of Christ will occur after the U.S. government teams up with the Catholic Church – which Adventists believe is the ‘Babylon’ of the Book of Revelation, with the Pope being the Antichrist – to compel Adventists and others to worship on Sunday, rather than Saturday.

That may seem like a small hook on which to hang the fate of the world, but for Adventists, it is a core belief, taught at “prophecy seminars” and elaborated in excruciating geopolitical detail by key Adventist leaders.

Is it awkward for Ben Carson to run for president, if his faith believes the U.S. government will team up with the Antichrist?


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Silicon Valley to millennials: Drop dead

Silicon Valley is tossing millennials aside like yesterday’s laptop.

The commonly held belief is that with hard work and a good education, a young person in America can get a good job. But despite falling unemployment, college grads age 22 to 27 are stuck in low-paying jobs that don’t even require a college degree. The percentage of young people languishing in low-skill, low-paying jobs is 44%, a 20-year high.

David Wheeler

Only 36% of college grads have jobs that pay at least $45,000, a sharp decline from the 1990s, after adjusting for inflation. Perhaps most depressingly, the percentage of young people making below $25,000 has topped 20%, worse than in 1990. In other words, those with a bachelor’s diploma were better off before the digital revolution.

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Feted in China, Jerk Xi’s U.S. profile dims in shadow of pope and Boehner

Source: Feted in China, Xi’s U.S. profile dims in shadow of pope

Francis flew out of Washington, heading to a rapturous reception in New York and a star turn at the United Nations General Assembly, just as Xi was arriving.

Under Xi, U.S.-Chinese relations are at a low, hurt by tensions over cyber theft and China’s assertive moves in Asian maritime disputes.

“To be contrasted with someone who has no military, no economic might and be completely eclipsed, I think it’s astounding. I don’t think the Chinese are noticing the contrast in messages”.

Xi slid further down the U.S. news agenda on Friday morning, when Republican House of Representative Speaker John Boehner announced his resignation. The big networks quickly cut off Xi speaking at a news conference with Obama to follow a briefing by Boehner.

Xi: jerkity jerk jerk JERK

Jeb Bush Doesn’t Care About Black Voters

His remarks this week expose the GOP’s flawed approach to a neglected electorate.

Source: Jeb Bush Doesn’t Care About Black Voters

John Ellis Bush, known to us by his initials and the accompanying exclamation point, has proven in this presidential race that he is an awful politician. Even with two candidates now out of the running, the former Florida governor has been the chief underperformer, polling well behind a reality-show provocateur, a failed CEO, and a born-again surgeon new to politics. To put it kindly, his campaign has been uninspiring to a vitriolic Republican voter base seeking to hold on to a cultural status quo they see slipping away from them.

Game of Thrones just smashed a 15-year-old record for most Emmy wins in a single year

Dwarfs?  Really?

Game of Thrones: Emmy voters really, really like you. The HBO drama just smashed a 15-year-old record set by The West Wing in 2000 to earn more Emmys in a single year than any other TV show in history. Game of Thrones’ roster of wins includes three at tonight’s ceremony, including writing, directing, and a Best Supporting Actor trophy for Peter Dinklage. Game of Thrones’ 11 wins already dwarfs The West Wing’s nine, but the number might get even bigger: the series is also nominated for Best Drama, which has yet to be awarded. Scott Meslow

Source: Game of Thrones just smashed a 15-year-old record for most Emmy wins in a single year

Jackie Collins, Novelist Who Wrote of Hollywood’s Glamorous Side, Dies at 77

Ms. Collins, sister of the actress Joan Collins, had been battling breast cancer, her family said in a statement.

Source: Jackie Collins, Novelist Who Wrote of Hollywood’s Glamorous Side, Dies at 77

Barry Gewen said of Ms. Collins’s “American Star: A Love Story” that it might more appropriately be titled “Coming Up for Air.”

  • I think that backhanded compliment is the the best obit for Jackie!