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Independence Day 2 review: A cynical love song to China

Here, the most cynical moments in an already hugely cynical film involve vigorous kowtowing towards the People’s Republic. Angelababy (a star in Hong Kong) is unceremoniously presented to one of the film’s bland top guns as something close to a love interest. Later on, during one of his trademark worldwide annihilations, Emmerich moves from another blasting of Tower Bridge to a levelling of some blameless Chinese city.

Roland makes bad films, but he is no fool. It is only a few weeks since the even worse Warcraft broke records in China.

Anyway, even Gainsbourg’s delightful oddball delivery can’t save the film from descent into incoherent mulch. After 90 minutes of being prodded, the mysterious ball eventually decides to tell us everything in perfect English.Is it from the Planet Tellnotshow? How much money will this dreadful film make? Will the sequels go on forever? Look to the east, puny humans.

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Oceans Rising – Terrifically Bad Fimmaking | Movie Rewind

…Pam appears unexpectedly, just in time for Galveston to be inundated with a hundred-foot wall of water out of nowhere, and the two of them escape in a sequence which looks suspiciously like a cheap model boat floating in someone’s swimming pool. Their boat becomes more and more crowded as they pluck various ethnically balanced day players from the water and the gang must motor off to Brookhaven labs on their first stop of their electromagnetic tour. Now the actual Brookhaven labs are on Long Island while they are in the Gulf of Mexico but they seem to be able to get there in a couple of days and never run into the Appalachians or New York City metro, despite the poster art.

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Joe Manganiello’s Daily Grind

Here it is! Courtesy of Parade magazine from a few years ago. I don’t usually read parade but my room mate does, and she asked if I knew “who this guy was”. As a rabid Sookie books / True Blood fan I was floored. I looked online but never found a digital version so I scanned it in.

Kept it secret. Kept it safe.

In honor of Joe finally getting decent billing in a major motion picture, I give you Joe’s Day! Enjoy 😀


If You’re Not Lucas You’re Doomed So Give Up Now

I always thought movie effects guys made out like fiends (or at least got paid massive bucks) when their movies hit big. Looks like I’m still on StarWars/LucasArts time. Harryhausen even.

Apparently, these days, if you work hard and dream big and create an amazing movie and work 18 hours a day for months or years on end, hunched over computers, going blind and deaf and starving and getting leg cramps and scurvy and your significant others leave you because you’re never home, you’re just a schmuck. A loser. Roadkill.

In 2011-12, the VFX company Rhythm & Hues created the astounding effects for Ang Lee’s gorgeous movie The Life of Pi. Then they went bankrupt, fired their staff, and went out of business. Two weeks later they won an Oscar. The new documentary Life After Pi shows how this insanity was made possible.
How the Oscars proved Hollywood is killing the VFX industry

While ABC showed viewers the glitz and glamor of Sunday night’s Academy Awards from the red carpet and inside the Dolby Theater, across the… Read…

As we’ve previously chronicled here, movie studios so vastly underpaid for the work these companies do — the work which makes most modern blockbusters possible, by the way — while denying them any access to the film’s profits. So a company like Rhythm & Hues can be hired repeatedly, do amazing, Oscar-winning work, and then still go out of business.

This documentary was made by former Rhythm & Hues employees, and will be released online in its entirety on February 25th. Then it’ll become part of a full-length documentary called Hollywood Ending, about “the larger, complex challenges facing the US Film Industry and the many professionals working within it, whose fates and livelihood are intertwined.” For more info on Life After Pi or Hollywood Ending, click here

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