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How to Bake a Pumpkin Pie (from Scratch)

Check out the comments!  metric recipes flamewar.  lol

This instructable is a continuation of my How to Bake a Fresh Pumpkin instructable. Baking pumpkin pies from scratch is somewhat of a tradition in my family, and ever since having had pies made from fresh pumpkin, I can’t eat the ones made from canned pumpkin. You can use this instructable to make a pie from canned pumpkin, but if you’re planning on using a fresh one you should follow the instructions in my other instructable. See the last page for a bonus recipe for homemade whipped cream with flavor booster.

Source: How to Bake a Pumpkin Pie (from Scratch)

The Official GOP Debate Drinking Game Rules, Pt. 2

“The event is taking place in California at the Ronald Reagan library,” Taibbi writes, so there is no rule stating that you drink each time Reagan is invoked, as “we’d have Guyana-level mass deaths.” However, there are 28 other rules. We’ve pulled out a few of our favorites:

  • “Drink THE FIRST TIME and the FIRST TIME only … a candidate mentions Hillary’s emails.”
  • “Drink EVERY TIME Trump—or any of the other candidates—insults or threatens one of the moderators. Beer chaser if it’s [Jake] Tapper or [Dana] Bash, and the candidate rips liberal-ass CNN in the process.”
  • “Drink EVERY TIME a candidate pledges to stand with Israel.”
  • “Drink EVERY TIME Carly Fiorina makes a joke about her own face.”
  • “Drink EVERY TIME a candidate mentions the founders. Double shot if it’s Rand Paul.”
  • “Drink EVERY TIME a candidate says, ‘I’m the only person on this stage who…’ Double shot if it’s Carson saying something like, ‘I’m the only candidate who’s had his hands inside a human thorax.'”
  • “Take a shot of JAGERMEISTER if anyone compares Kim Davis to Rosa Parks.”

Get your liver ready: the second GOP debate is upon us

Source: The Official GOP Debate Drinking Game Rules, Pt. 2

People are not being pointlessly mean to that Victorian couple

Source: People are not being pointlessly mean to that Victorian couple

They say they’ve been bullied, but others are rebutting the authenticity of their old-time existence.

He wanted to write ‘I got a bomb grade’ on the blackboard, but he evacuated the school instead

WASHINGTONVILLE – Washingtonville High School was evacuated Friday after what initially appeared to be a bomb scare turned out to be a boy’s boast about a high grade. Washingtonville Police Chief Stephen Bogert said the happy 14-year-old meant to write “I got a bomb grade” on the blackboard.

But he didn’t finish writing the last word before the alarm was sounded. “Bomb” has been used for years as boastful slang similar to “great” or “the best.” The entire high school was cleared immediately and students were sent to the middle school where they remained the rest of the school day.

The high school enrollment is approximately 1,500. Bogert characterized the incident as “more of a misunderstanding than a bomb threat.” “We don’t believe we will be charging him,” Bogert said. Police questioned the boy, whose name was not released, about two hours after the incident.

It was unclear who sounded the alarm.

An update on the Washingtonville School District website said police found no credible threat and that the building was safe. The high school was to remain open until 7 p.m. to allow students to collect their belongings.

This is the third day in a row that a school in Orange County has been shut down because of a bomb scare.

Some 1,600 Monroe-Woodbury Middle School students were moved to the high school auditorium and then dismissed early on Thursday after a scrawled bomb threat was discovered on the wall inside a bathroom stall.

The incident occurred one day after a similar bomb threat was found in a Monroe-Woodbury High School bathroom and caused the evacuation of that school.

No bombs were found after either of those two threats.

On Friday, Washingtonville police were assisted by Blooming Grove police, two sheriff’s department canine units and two Metropolitan Transportation Authority canine units, Bogert said.

Source: He wanted to write ‘I got a bomb grade’ on the blackboard, but he evacuated the school instead – News – – Middletown, NY