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Independence Day 2 review: A cynical love song to China

Here, the most cynical moments in an already hugely cynical film involve vigorous kowtowing towards the People’s Republic. Angelababy (a star in Hong Kong) is unceremoniously presented to one of the film’s bland top guns as something close to a love interest. Later on, during one of his trademark worldwide annihilations, Emmerich moves from another blasting of Tower Bridge to a levelling of some blameless Chinese city.

Roland makes bad films, but he is no fool. It is only a few weeks since the even worse Warcraft broke records in China.

Anyway, even Gainsbourg’s delightful oddball delivery can’t save the film from descent into incoherent mulch. After 90 minutes of being prodded, the mysterious ball eventually decides to tell us everything in perfect English.Is it from the Planet Tellnotshow? How much money will this dreadful film make? Will the sequels go on forever? Look to the east, puny humans.

Source: Independence Day 2 review: A cynical love song to China – Problems are piling up for Xi Jinping

workers in China have staged a number of bold and coordinated multi-provincial strikes in the construction, transport and service sectors. Big protests by army veterans in several provinces in May and June forced the government to hold crisis meetings in late June , to speed up measures to end the protests and put some ‘flesh’ on the bare bones of its new Ministry of Veterans Affairs

Source: – Problems are piling up for Xi Jinping

how to prepare beef tenderloin – YouTube

  • Freeze beef.  Slice very thinly
  • Let sit 30 minutes to thaw.  Add:
  •  1 tsp baking soda
  • 1.5 tbsp corn starch or potato starch
  • 1 egg
  • mash around and scramble and slam down for 5 minutes
  • Add scant 1 tbsp oil ( corn, olive or any)
  • Mix around briefly
  • refrigerate for 1 hour

This is the beef prep Yanzhen Shao uses for many of his beef dishes

Look here for his video How to prepare Pork

how to prepare beef tenderloin – YouTube.