How to Bake a Pumpkin Pie (from Scratch)

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This instructable is a continuation of my How to Bake a Fresh Pumpkin instructable. Baking pumpkin pies from scratch is somewhat of a tradition in my family, and ever since having had pies made from fresh pumpkin, I can’t eat the ones made from canned pumpkin. You can use this instructable to make a pie from canned pumpkin, but if you’re planning on using a fresh one you should follow the instructions in my other instructable. See the last page for a bonus recipe for homemade whipped cream with flavor booster.

Source: How to Bake a Pumpkin Pie (from Scratch)

Ben Carson’s Church Believes the U.S. Government Will Team Up With the Antichrist

According to mainstream Seventh-Day Adventist doctrine, the Second Coming of Christ will occur after the U.S. government teams up with the Catholic Church – which Adventists believe is the ‘Babylon’ of the Book of Revelation, with the Pope being the Antichrist – to compel Adventists and others to worship on Sunday, rather than Saturday.

That may seem like a small hook on which to hang the fate of the world, but for Adventists, it is a core belief, taught at “prophecy seminars” and elaborated in excruciating geopolitical detail by key Adventist leaders.

Is it awkward for Ben Carson to run for president, if his faith believes the U.S. government will team up with the Antichrist?


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