Scaly Leg Mites – Need Best / Easiest / Quickest Solution – Scaley

A couple of my hens have scaly legs. Gonna try this one

There are alot of different methods, I like your thinking….Quick, Easy, and well, Safe!

I rescued a chicken with a really bad case and this is what I did. It only took one round and it was GONE!

First I bathed and soaked the chicken (you could just do the legs and they LOVE it!) in an herbal flea shampoo. I used a tooth brush and lightly brushed her feet and shanks. This does 2 things: softens the skin and loosens the mites and mite dirt, then it treats the area to help it heal.

Next I put Campho-Phenique on her legs, completely covering her shanks. I also treated all my other chickens with the Campho, just in case.

Now that really took care of it, but I re-treated with the Campho in 10 days and then 14 days after. Just to be sure.

With this method there is NO egg contamination.

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